As telecom networks evolve and become more complex and advanced, having a single true source of geospatial data becomes very essential – a base data set that the entire business can rely on and make business decisions based on.

Our geospatial products help you throughout your network lifecycle from planning and design to infrastructure maintenance. Our data can support your employees and customers by providing location-accurate details with the context of photorealistic imagery.


With our high resolution aerial imagery and elevation models, you can plan and forecast with confidence to meet future demand. Construct your networks and visualise performance to support maintenance activities.

Provide insights to your marketing and customer service staff to help identify new real estate developments and potential business opportunities. Empower maintenance staff with location context and imagery to support their deployment.


3D reality models are increasingly providing an added dimension to intelligence surrounding network infrastructure. Accurate Digital Surface Models are derived from 3D mesh models and used for essential telecommunication analysis.

3D models of a network’s areas of interest can include layered views of building footprints, classified land cover, tree contours and their heights – all critical information to analyse line-of-sight potential for 5G sensors, helping to create the best strategy to optimise networks. With tailored 3D information, telecom companies can virtually analyse urban and residential areas to determine the optimal locations for 5G sensors and maximise signal output.


LiDAR’s ability to capture large areas of high-resolution surface data in a cost & time efficient fashion provides an ideal opportunity for telecommunication network planning. With LiDAR data ingested into GIS software, companies can perform line of sight and view shed analysis. This analysis has the benefit of creating the optimal site for the network infrastructure, ensuring coverage is optimal whilst reducing costs in the process.


Visualise and plan your network using accurate and updated geospatial information.

Unlimited access to aerial imagery that is updated up to 4 times every year and data archives that allow you to virtually travel back in time to see how things have changed.

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Using metropolitan scale Digital Surface Models for wireless network coverage analysis
Using metropolitan scale Digital Surface Models for wireless network coverage analysis
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