Showcase your properties and real estate projects using eye-catching high resolution aerial imagery and 3D models. Conduct research remotely to assess current and prospective property assets using 2D vertical imagery or virtual 3D reality mesh models. Our geospatial data helps property owners, developers and various other stakeholders make wise investment decisions.


With accurate & detailed aerial imagery, you can know your property’s surroundings in more detail.

Agents and sellers can highlight important characteristics of the property - distances and routes to key locations such as schools, health facilities, recreation centres and supermarkets. Prospective buyers appreciate such information and the imagery adds visual context to the information. Drive your marketing efforts with high resolution, up to date, high quality imagery.

As an investor, use our geospatial data to make better investment decisions fully informed by the detail of what is on the ground now. Understand the changes happening in the locality of interest that could affect the property positively or adversely.


Market your properties and sites with stunning photorealistic virtual views.

3D modelling helps offer a geographically accurate, fully textured three-dimensional overview of your area under development. With this information integrated into a GIS or 3D rendering software you can add your site designs and communicate complex information to various stakeholders. Planners can understand how these designs fit in its surrounding environment from any possible location in space and analyse their impact. Additionally, produce accurate sun and shade analysis including every surrounding object and street furniture.

Our 3D models offer your clients the ability to check out virtual views from any window / balcony of your future building and help make sure that neighbour’s privacy, sightlines and building height restrictions are respected.


LiDAR can help collect highly accurate 3D survey data for large land parcels in a cost-effective and safe manner. This data can form the base map for transportation planning, utility mapping and asset identification and inventory.


Whether you’re promoting your property, or analysing neighbourhood developments, your property investments need current, up-to-date aerial imagery to stay ahead of competition.

Unlimited access to aerial imagery that is updated up to 4 times every year and data archives that allow you to virtually travel back in time to see how things have changed.

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