How Our Spatial Data Helped Build the Las Vegas Circuit in EA SPORTS™ F1® 23

From Adelaide to the gaming world, Aerometrex 3D reality mesh helped Codemasters build the Las Vegas Formula 1® circuit for the officially licensed EA SPORTS™ F1® 23 game five months before the inaugural event.

Aerometrex delivered a multi-scale, multi-resolution 3D photogrammetry mesh dataset and derived high-density true ortho imagery of Las Vegas to videogame developer Codemasters. The Aerometrex data became a foundational reference for the Las Vegas track creation for the F1® 23 videogame.

This project involved an Australian company delivering a product to a global giant in the entertainment industry and adding a core dataset to a product played by millions of people worldwide.

How Our 3D Reality Mesh Helped Build the Las Vegas Circuit in EA SPORTS™ F1® 23


Codemasters has been making iconic games for over 30 years. Once the UK’s largest independent games developer & publisher and now a world-leader in racing simulation. We have studios in Southam & Birmingham (UK) and Kuala Lumpur (MY). In 2021 we became proud members of the EA SPORTS™ family.” - Codemasters.


The Las Vegas model is an ultra-high-quality 3D reality mesh that mixes aerial (5cm and 2cm resolutions), and street-level (sub-cm resolution) imagery. Precise spatial data underpins the model, ensuring the visual fidelity matched real-world accuracy.

The Aerometrex USA team foresaw the value of a high-resolution 3D mesh rendition of Las Vegas, a location synonymous with rapid and grandiose change and substantial investment in entertainment. Our high-res models typically sell to significant architecture, engineering, and construction companies and advanced visualisation and entertainment industry, and thus Las Vegas was an ideal location to model.


The Las Vegas is spread across 2.9 sq miles with 5cm, 2cm, and sub-cm resolution.

The Aerometrex dataset gave Codemasters a spatially and visually precise data source of ultimate truth to build the track ready for publishing for the F1® 23 game five months before the first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix.

"The Aerometrex model helped immeasurably in data accuracy by providing a method of visualising a large component of the areas in a three-dimensional textured form." - Codemasters

Our Las Vegas model helped Codemasters correlate building scale, terrain positioning, and asset placement. The F1® race uses the iconic Las Vegas strip, one of the planet's most visually complex built locations. Our mesh model is rich 3D data showing all the necessary detail from ground level to create the world surrounding the track.


The Venetian was modeled with the highest resolution street-level photogrammetry.


Codemasters' reputation, and the success of the F1® game franchise as a whole, hinges on realism. From driving mechanics, AI race opponents to the accuracy of light and weather, Codemasters fully commits to delivering the highest quality experience to the gaming market. EA SPORTS™ mentioned spatial data and photogrammetry, even naming Aerometrex in an interview, when discussing the realism of the Las Vegas circuit.

"Las Vegas was a highly complex area that could not be interpreted with images alone. After completing an in-depth analysis of additional vendors, Aerometrex data was deemed the highest quality overall.” – Codemasters

Once delivered, the Aerometrex team assisted Codemasters when necessary. Codemasters is an organisation that constantly handles large and high-quality datasets, and the Aerometrex team ensured the delivered assets matched all of the requested specifications and formats.

The Aerometrex model is rich 3D data. Codemasters could get 2D mapping data of various quality and various accuracy but that doesn't help them when they need to look at the sides of buildings and determine what textures to use or placement of details like windows and ornaments. All of these things that make the experience come together.” - Jeremy Pollard, US 3D General Manager.


In-game screenshot from the F1® 23 game showing the detail and complexity of the Las Vegas circuit.


Codemasters’ use of the Las Vegas datasets reinforces the flexibility of spatially and visually precise 3D mesh for complex simulations and change modelling. Aerometrex’s existing model coverage, and flexibility to capture new areas for clients, makes us an ideal partner for similar projects.

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