Aerometrex at AFAC 2022

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Aerometrex produces bushfire fuel load maps for high-risk areas of the Adelaide hills to aid bushfire planning & response

In an Australian first, using Airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology, this summer, Aerometrex has carried out a detailed survey of the bushfire fuel loads across some of the most densely populated, high risk areas of the Adelaide Hills, including Stirling, Aldgate, and Bridgewater.

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New Data Shows Bushfire Risk in Adelaide Hills

Video courtesy of Channel 9 News Adelaide, originally airing 27 February 2022


Listen to Dr. Samuel Holt from Aerometrex present at AFAC 2021 speaking about our research developing a methodology to quantify bushfire fuel loads in eucalypt woodlands and forests.

New Data Makes Our Bushfire Fuel Load Mapping Service Even More Powerful

Our world’s first bushfire fuel load mapping system has become more powerful with three new data sets that will make it more effective in bushfire preparation and response, and more scalable Australia-wide.

From a single LiDAR capture anywhere in Australia, we can now:

  • algorithmically assess fuel load tonness per hectare
  • give fully stratified fuel load maps from ground to tree canopy
  • provide individual property assessments with:
    • fuel loads and tonnes per hectare
    • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings
    • significant water sources for use during bushfires identified.

Our data will directly impact fire management from preparation and prevention activities to real-time response during bushfire events.

This page explains our capture method, our new data outputs, and how we can better help the planning, prevention, and direct interventions in bushfires.

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