Airborne LiDAR

Our approach to Airborne LiDAR

Our LiDAR sensors are long-range airborne laser scanners which make use of a powerful laser source, multiple-time-around (MTA) processing and digital full waveform analysis.

This combination can be operated at varying flight altitudes and is therefore ideally suited for aerial surveying of complex terrain and for wide area mapping applications. Accurate three-dimensional views of the ground surface are created by classifying vegetation, man-made and other above ground features as ‘non-ground’ during the filtering/editing process. A true representation of the bare earth surface is depicted once non-ground points are removed from the view.

We currently own and operate two Vulcanair P68C aircraft. These craft are modern, highly capable, twin engine aircraft that operate safely in all environments including over water and hazardous terrain areas. The aircraft are fitted with colour weather radar, lightning strike detectors and TCAS (traffic collision avoidance systems) to ensure maximum level of safety.

Our LiDAR Sensors include:

  • Two Riegl VQ780i for ultra wide area mapping and high productivity.
  • One Trimble Harrier H68i for smaller areas and corridor mapping.

A calibrated Phase One 100 megapixel digital camera is attached to each of the Riegl LiDAR units and an 80 megapixel digital camera is attached to the Trimble LiDAR unit providing the added benefit of high resolution imagery over survey areas. Capturing and processing ‘as is’ aerial imagery in conjunction with a LiDAR survey is cost effective and provides additional spatial datasets to customers.

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Standard products include:

Digital Terrain Model

We provide regular three dimensional DTM datasets by classifying and filtering vegetation, man-made and other above ground features. A true representation of the bare earth surface is depicted once non-ground points are removed from the dataset.

Filtered DTM can be delivered in LAS, xyz, dxf, dwg, csv or any other client requested format.


Digital Surface Model

Digital Surface Models are georeferenced regular grid datasets representing the first reflected surface detected by the sensor and will include surface features such as vegetation and man-made objects.


Ortho imagery

High resolution ‘as-is’ imagery can be captured in conjunction with LiDAR data. An ortho mosaic can then be processed over the project area of interest.  Whilst these surveys are usually flown primarily for LiDAR capture and not always optimum photographic conditions, ‘as-is’ ortho mosaics can be a useful adjunct to the LiDAR survey.   

Classified 3D point cloud

Three dimensional classified point clouds can be generated to the required classification level.

LiDAR data delivery standards in Australia are issued by the Intergovernmental Committee for Survey and Mapping:

  • ICSM Level 0 – Unclassified point cloud fitted to control
  • ICSM Level 1 – Automatically classified point cloud – ground and non-ground
  • ICSM Level 2 – Automatic and manually classified ground/non-ground point cloud to improve surface (95% accuracy)
  • ICSM Level 3 – Automatic and manually classified point cloud with hydro flattening (99% accuracy)
  • ICSM Level 4 – Automatic and detailed manual classification of point cloud with data filtered into classes (Trees, power poles, buildings railways etc.)

Value added services

Value added services include contour, feature and breakline extraction essentially for engineering applications as well as cut and fill volume analysis to estimate stockpile volumes.

To enquire, contact us tel: +61 8 8362 9911 or contact us through our contact form.

You might be interested in the following products and services

3D Modelling

Check out our 3D modelling service for the capture and generation of 3D mesh models of natural and built environments over small and large areas.

Change analysis

We provide stockpile volumes calculation and reporting service as well as mine subsidence detection and monitoring using LiDAR data.

Premium Orthomosaic

We provide high radiometric and geometric quality aerial imagery using large format camera system and stereo-edited digital terrain models.