Board of Directors

From left to right: Mr Mark Deuter B.Sc.(Maths), Managing Director, Dr Peter Foster, Ph.D., Non-Executive Director, Mr Mark Lindh, Chairman, Mr Matthew White B.Accounting, Chartered Accountant, and Mr David Byrne B.Surveying.(Hons)

Mark Lindh

Independent Chairman

Mark Lindh was appointed as a non-executive Director of Aerometrex on 20 May 2019 and as Chairman on 21 October 2019. He also chairs the Remuneration Committee.

Mark is a founder and co-principal of Adelaide Equity Partners, an investment bank established in 2004. Prior to that, he was executive director of Rundle Capital Partners which was a division of Washington H Soul Pattinson.

Mark is a corporate advisor with significant experience in advising predominantly listed companies encompassing a range of industries including technology, energy, resources, infrastructure and utilities.

He has acted as the principal corporate and financial advisor to a number of Australian corporate success stories and has extensive experience in Australian equity and debt markets and advising clients on capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions and investor relations.

In addition, he is a non-executive director of ASX listed companies Bass Oil Ltd (BAS.ASX) and Advanced Braking Technology Ltd (ABV.ASX).

Dr Peter Foster

Non-Executive Director

Dr Peter Foster was appointed as a non-executive Director of Aerometrex on 15 October 2019.

Peter has extensive business experience across a variety of industries. He is a creative entrepreneur with wide-ranging experience in developing innovative technologies for global markets, having founded and grown numerous technology and commercial ventures.

Peter received his PhD in Physics from the University of Adelaide in lasers and non-linear optical technology. He has extensive experience with the invention and intellectual property protection process and holds over 40 international patents in optics and precision electronics.

Peter is currently Managing Director of Longwood Audio Pty Ltd, owners of the Halcro highend hifi brand, and Managing Director of VentureNext Pty Ltd, which he formed in 2010 as a vehicle for consulting and early stage company investment. He has also held senior scientific positions with a local medical laser manufacturer and with the Department of Metallic Materials, University of Bayreuth, Germany, and has delivered intensive courses on startups and technology commercialisation for the University of Adelaide.

Peter currently serves on the Board of Directors for Vivonoetics, a San Diego based pharmaceutical services company and leads its commercial advisory board whose members are located across the US.

Matthew White

Non-Executive Director

Matthew was appointed as Financial Controller of Aerometrex in 2008. He was appointed Finance Director of the company in 2011 after guiding the company through the management buyout process that occurred in that year. He has been instrumental in all financial strategies and decisions of the company during the current successful growth period.

Matthew has over 27 years’ experience as an accountant, business and tax advisor. He has over 12 years’ experience as a registered mortgage broker and over three years’ experience as a financial planner.

Matthew has a degree in Accountancy from the University of South Australia and has completed the Chartered Accountancy qualification with Certificates of Merit in Taxation and Ethics. He is also a Registered Tax Agent, an Accredited MFAA mortgage/finance consultant and a Financial Planner.

Matthew is the founder and sole director of Business Initiatives Pty Ltd, an Adelaide based Chartered Accountancy firm. The firm offers a holistic approach to clients’ financial needs, offering a wide range of services with a strong focus on continuous business improvement and wealth creation. Matthew works in a client advisory role for small to medium sized businesses.

Mark Deuter

Managing Director

Mark Deuter is Aerometrex’s Managing Director and served as Chairman of the Board from 2011 to 2019.

Mark is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and has a B.Sc.(Maths) degree with majors in Computer Science and Geography.

Mark joined Aerometrex in 2005 under the previous ownership as Aerometrex’s General Manager, overseeing the expansion of Aerometrex as it introduced digital aerial camera technology. He established Aerometrex’s aerial operations and managed human resources, sales and marketing. He also set strategic directions for Aerometrex’s growth in Australia. On the change of ownership under MBO in 2011, Mark was appointed Managing Director and Chairman of the Board. Under his direction, Aerometrex has experienced a period of sustained growth and corporate innovation.

Prior to joining Aerometrex, Mark worked in airborne geophysics data processing for 13 years as General Manager and later Managing Director of Pitt Research Pty Ltd, a small airborne geophysics data processing consultancy servicing the requirements of the mineral exploration industry throughout Australia.

He also had a 15 year career in cartography, aerial surveying, photogrammetry, aerial photography and topographic mapping with the South Australian Department of Lands (1977-1992). Mark has also held the position of non-Executive Director on two other Boards, namely Airborne Research Australia Pty Ltd, a commercial company offshoot from Flinders University involved primarily in high-altitude atmospheric physics, and also Primary Resources Ltd, a junior mineral exploration start-up company.

David Byrne

Chief Technical Officer and Director

David Byrne is Aerometrex’s Chief Technical Officer and has been a member of the Board since 2011.

David has a Bachelor of Surveying (Hons.) from the University of South Australia, School of Geoinformatics and received his degree in 1994. He also was employed as a research assistant and tutor at Uni SA for four years.

David joined Aerometrex in 2000 as Aerometrex’s Chief Photogrammetrist. He has been largely responsible for Aerometrex’s successful technical programme, he has managed and overseen its IT infrastructure, and has until recently also filled the role of Production Manager, establishing high technical standards and a strong work ethic in Aerometrex. David has also headed up Aerometrex’s R&D team, which has delivered several outstanding commercial results.

David has published several technical papers and has represented Aerometrex at major Australian Spatial Science conferences on many occasions. He has managed hundreds of aerial survey projects and several high-end engineering aerial surveys, and was the key influence on Aerometrex’s achievements in very high-accuracy photogrammetry. He is a member of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and served on the National Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Committee for three years. He was awarded Spatial Professional of the Year at the SA Spatial Excellence Awards in 2013.

Prior to joining Aerometrex David was employed by Kevron Aerial Surveys Pty Ltd in Perth as a Digital Photogrammetrist for two years (1999-2000).

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