About Us

The Company

Since its establishment in 1980, Aerometrex has built a very strong national and international reputation as a leading practitioner of aerial imaging, photogrammetry, 3D modelling and LiDAR surveys.

Our Purpose

Is to provide our customers throughout Australia and overseas with accurate, high-quality, best-value data products that satisfy all their aerial imagery and spatial data requirements.

Our Mission

is to provide professional, accurate digital image mapping and geospatial engineering solutions to our clients by exploiting both existing and emerging air and ground imaging technologies.

years in business

years staff combined industry experience

square km mapped

projects since June 2000

Client Base

The company is a valued participant of every State and Federal Government Panel of Aerial Photography Providers, and routinely performs major Government contracts to a very high standard. The company’s services are also in heavy demand by as many as 15 major private sector industries; including the most discriminating aspects of engineering and survey, but also a very wide variety of other clients.

Aerometrex has also performed major international projects in USA, Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, Papua New Guinea and NZ.


Aerometrex has conducted major aerial imagery programs in Australia for Microsoft, with its Bing Maps Ultracam Osprey oblique camera program for every Australian capital city, and for Google Earth, with its Australia/NZ Cities 3D mapping program.

Some of the largest aerial surveys undertaken in Australia have been acquired and processed by Aerometrex.

These include the Galilee Basin survey of 115,000 sq. km for the Queensland Government, the Western Victoria aerial survey of 73,500 sq. km for the Victorian Government, and a series of cross-continental linear corridor surveys of 9,000 km for Visionstream Pty Ltd.


Aerometrex is a proven leader and innovator in the aerial surveying industry, having been responsible for the following major developments:


  • First company to introduce large-format digital aerial cameras into the Australian market
  • First company to offer digital-capture 4-band aerial imagery in Australia
  • First company to offer 2.5cm GSD resolution aerial surveys in Australia
  • First company in the world to offer massive-multi-ray photogrammetry as a commercial service (Aero3Dpro™)
  • First company in the world to purchase the Ultracam Eagle Prime large-format aerial camera
  • No 1 licence holder in the world for the widely adopted Acute3D/ContextCapture modelling engine
  • First company in the world to purchase the revolutionary Hasselblad 100MP medium-large format aerial camera
  • A unique aerial imagery web-serving subscription service for high-quality, accurate aerial imagery, MetroMap.

Our Team

Aerometrex now employ a total of 85 staff members who undertake all of the tasks associated with aviation, aerial surveying, logistics, flight planning, photogrammetry, LiDAR and data processing, Sales and Marketing, R&D.

All of these employees are based in Australia.

Our Key Equipment

Aerial Survey Aircraft

Aerometrex own 8 survey aircraft for digital aerial photography projects and charters additional aircraft as needed. These aircraft provide Aerometrex the capability to offer digital aerial photography ranging from 3.5cm to 50cm pixel resolutions.

Our range of available aircraft includes:

  • For very large high altitude surveys – Cessna 441 Conquest II (charter)
  • For low altitude LiDAR surveys – Four Vulcanair P68c
  • For very high resolution capture – Three Cessna 404 Titan
  • For Multi purpose capture – Cessna 421

State of the art aerial camera hardware and software

Aerometrex uses Vexcel Imaging’s Ultracam large-format aerial mapping cameras as well as Visionmap’s A3 Edge very large-format digital camera. All provide reliable high quality imagery with efficiency and accuracy.  Our Ultracam large format digital aerial cameras are set up with the SOMAG3000 gyro-stabilised mount and IGI Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) to capture exceptional quality, near-vertical, 4-band imagery.

We also have an outstanding oblique imagery capability using the MIDAS-5 camera as well as a range of medium-format and DSLR camera systems.

Aerometrex also operate three Riegl VQ-780i for ultra wide area mapping and high productivity coupled with 100MP digital camera as well as one Trimble Harrier H68i coupled with a 80MP digital camera.

To enquire, contact us tel: +61 8 8362 9911 or contact us through our contact form.