3D City Models and Game Engines Transforming Real Estate

Webinar Timeline

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:09 - What is photogrammetry and how is it captured?
  • 6:56 - Digital Twins and their use in planning
  • 8:49 - Example of building design in-situ and viewshed analysis
  • 11:31 - Combining city models with indoor virtual tours
  • 14:16 - Apartment/building view simulation
  • 15:49 - Demonstration: Setting up a property visualisation scene within Unreal Engine

This webinar was presented at RE:Connect March 2021

Photogrammetry derived 3D city models and game-engines: Transforming Real Estate

Fabrice Marre & Matthew Walker explore some of the benefits such as viewing building design in-situ, simulating weather conditions and shadow analysis, as well as simulating views from buildings