Aerometrex product demonstration and strategy update for investors

28 Apr, 2021

This video is a recording of Aerometrex's online product demonstartion and strategy update to investors on 20 April 2021, conducted by Chief Executive Officer, Mark Deuter, Chief Operating Officer, David Byrne and key technical staff.

The session provides an overview of our rapidly scaling MetroMap product, the technology behind our other 2D, 3D and LiDAR solutions, as well as the results of our R&D program. We expect that this will help investors understand the key use cases for our geospatial tech, the strategy driving the business, and the vast potential for growth in our target markets.

Video Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction: Mark Deuter, Managing Director

2:43 – Tech Overview & Update: David Byrne, Chief Operating Officer

7:41 – MetroMap – Product Update: Linda Skoog, MetroMap Technical Support Manager

16:06 – 3D Modelling – Product Update: Matthew Walker, 3D Product Manager

26:43 – LiDAR – Product Update: Alex Rixon, LiDAR Production Manager

37:27 – Research & Development Update: Fabrice Marre, Geospatial Innovation Manager

[Recording] Investor Product Demo and Strategy Update

Learn about our rapidly advancing products, the technology behind them and understand their current & future use cases