3D Modelling

Our approach to 3D modelling

Aerometrex provides its Australian and overseas client base a range of sophisticated 3D modelling products and services based on advanced photogrammetric and visualisation techniques with its award-winning service aero3Dpro.

aero3Dpro is an end-to-end service: the whole workflow from flight planning and image acquisition through 3D processing and geo-registration is all done in-house.

The aero3Dpro system can accept images taken from all standpoints and use them to generate a 3D mesh model or ‘reality mesh’. These include aerial imagery taken from aircraft, helicopters and UAVs as well as street-level imagery.

We work with you to tailor the best solution to your needs in term of application, image resolution, accuracy, size and capture technique.

Datasets can be provided in a range of CAD/GIS-ready 3D formats, packaged for online 3D platforms. We also provide value-added services to extract 3D information, perform 3D change analysis and integrate additional spatial data to the 3D city models.

The unprecedented complexity, detail and accuracy contained in aero3Dpro mesh models, combined with the possibility to interact and extract real 3D information in both natural and built environments, provide a valuable resource for many industries.

Access 3D models your way


We offer a flexible 3D modelling service and work with you all the way to make your project a success.

Off-the-shelf products

3D city models of a range of high and low resolution 3D mesh models of Australian capital cities are available immediately for purchase.


Access the latest  3D datasets through the best subscription option to suite your requirements.

To enquire, contact us tel: +61 8 8362 9911 or contact us through our contact form.

Off the shelf 3D city models

Access the 3D models of Australian capital cities available for purchase through our interactive 3D platform.


Markets and Industry

3D mesh models are being used in a growing number of applications and enable industries to greatly improve workflows, save time and money and better communicate complex information.

Urban planning

3D city models provide a 3D snapshot in time to better understand the present and plan the future. analyse impact of your designs in their surroundings.

Construction & Engineering

Use 3D city models for analyzing changes, extract 3D information, digitize features and communicate through 3D visualization.

Coastal management

Monitor coastlines and quantify changes in 3D using multi-dates captures to improve coastal management plans

Media & Entertainment

Create stunning animations, 360 panoramic views for commercials, advertising, video-games and virtual reality applications.

Event planning

3D city models provide the base dataset to plan events, develop scenarios, optimize video camera locations.


3D mesh models are used to capture mining and quarry sites including undercut and vertical structures. 3D change can be performed using multi-dates captures as well as volume analysis.

Heritage & Conservation

Close-range photogrammetry is used to create accurate 3D information over individual buildings for restoration and conservation purposes.

Smart cities

3D city models integrated with additional spatial data is a key element of making cities smarter.


Accurate Digital Surface Models can be derived from 3D mesh models and used for telecommunication analysis.

Insurance & real estate

3D city models are used in conjunction with 3D geodatabases for real estate and insurance applications.

About our 3D workflow

Aero3Dpro is a full 3D modelling service based on 3D aerial photogrammetry techniques for the generation of location accurate and fully textured 3D model of natural and built environments.

Strategic aerial data acquisition and pre-processing

Once an area of interest has been decided, a strategic flight plan is designed and ground control survey locations are identified  before capture of the aerial frames happen.

Captured frames are then pre-processed and carefully colour balanced .

3D photogrammetry process

The geometry of every frames is analysed and modelled to reconstruct the position of the camera, then used in reverse to re-construct the objects in the images in fully-textured mesh object.

To generate geographically accurate data, precise ground control points are integrated into the processing chain.

Geometry and texture enhancement

Special care and quality control systems are implemented at all stages of the process.

For high resolution 3D mesh, major distortion in buildings are fixed and cars removed from the roads and  water body flatten.


Delivery and value-added products

3D mesh can be delivered in many 2D and 3D formats for use in 3rd party CAD, GIS or 3D rendering software or packaged for streaming through web platforms.

Extra information can also be extracted from the 3D mesh or used to produce innovative value added products and services.


City of Newcastle coastal mapping

Multiple 2cm resolution 3D models have been generated  along 10 km of coastline since 2016 to study the effect of erosion and improve coastal management plans.

3D model of Philadelphia used for event planning for the 2015 Pope's visit

Aerometrex captured and generated a 3D model of Philadelphia to help planning for the Pope’s visit in 2015. The 3D model was used as the basis for the detailed layout and design of all the temporary facilities and barricades.

The use of the 3D reality mesh helped reduced risk, enhanced decision making, improved timeliness, and optimized efficiency on this highly visible, fast-tracked project, while simultaneously supporting the extreme security workflows required.