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March 14, 2012


Gosses Bluff meteor crater 3D animation

by Aer0metrex_admin
Gosses Bluff aerial photography draped over a digital surface model

Gosse Bluff, about 200 km west of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, Australia, is one of the most significant impact structures in the world. It has a 5km diameter and was formed 142 millions years ago by the impact of an asteroid up to 2km in diameter.
The Western Arrernte Aboriginal people own the Tnorala Conservation Reserve that contains this amazing crater.

This fly-through has been generated using 25cm digital aerial ortho photography draped over a 1.25m digital surface model.


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  • Clem

    Looks awsome.

    • Aer0metrex_admin

      Thanks a lot

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  • christine manning

    Have just visited Gosses Bluff on a AATKings tour. An amazing sight in the middle of the Australian outback.Thanks for all the information on your sight.