Additional Products & Services

Aerometrex Additional Services

In addition to the key products on offer, we provide a range of additional services.

Aerial imagery Service

  • Acquisition from fixed-wing light aircraft and helicopter
  • Airborne GPS and IMU data collection
  • Colour balancing and mosaicing
Ground Surveying Service

  • GPS ground surveys and targets placing
  • Engineering Surveys


  • Technical consulting
  • Project management
  • Quality Control of 3rd party products

Geospatial Data Service

  • Data capture and Conversion
  • GIS Database Creation
  • Web-based image delivery

Our range of value added products

Valuable information can be extracted from quality aerial geospatial products. Aerometrex provides a growing range of value added products derived from LiDAR, 3D mesh models and aerial photogrammetric captures.

Feature Capture

Vector mapping is done with great attention to detail and a rigorous implementation of data capture procedures for obtaining the highest positional accuracy of features measured in the stereo-model.

Large scale mapping is essential for engineering projects. It is also a key component in GIS where it is a source containing rich geospatial information necessary for the management of relational databases.

Most common features captured are buildings, roads, utilities, vegetation and rivers. We have a long experience in this field, providing numerous organisations with various types of quality vector digital maps.

We can capture features from stereo frames, 3D mesh models and LiDAR.


We offer a LiDAR point classification service to classify 3D points into categories including bare earth, buildings, vegetation levels and water.

Classification can be performed automatically or to a higher degree of accuracy with an additional manual process to guarantee that each point is classified correctly.

Additional information such as Canopy height models (CHM) and vegetation height strata can also be provided.

High resolution 3D mesh models can also be classified.



Using our range of 2D and 3D products and specialised 2D and 3D rendering software, we can produce high quality visual materials for production of interactive web advertising,  broadcast commercials, cinematic effects, TV, and advertising productions.

Materials including large prints, stills, videos, 360 panoramic views, video-games and Virtual Reality applications.


Change analysis

We provide stockpile volume calculations and reporting services as well as mine subsidence detection and monitoring using LiDAR data.

We can also perform 3D change analysis and quantify changes over time using high resolution 3D mesh models. This is particularly useful for coastal erosion monitoring of cliffs, undercuts and vertical structures.

Using multi-date DSM and 3D mesh models, urban changes (missing tree, new shed or buildings) can also be detected over large areas.


How can we help?

At Aerometrex we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to extract information. Get in touch with us for any specific requirements and we will do our best to find a solution to your problem.

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3D Modelling

Check out our 3D modelling service for the capture and generation of 3D mesh models of natural and built environments.

Premium Orthomosaic

High radiometric and geometric quality seamless aerial orthomosaic generated using a precise stereo-edited digital terrain model.

Aerial LiDAR

Using state off the art aerial LiDAR sensors, we produce high quality classified 3D point clouds and derived products.