The importance of a solid and accurate spatial information infrastructure is very high to the development of a regional economy. Studies in Tasmania have shown that “based on our conservative estimates of the productivity improvements, Tasman Global modelling estimates that, in 2010-11, Tasmania’s real GSP increased by 0.4 per cent, or A$105 million, as a direct result of the uptake of spatial technologies”, a factor of 12.6x the investment made. (Tassic, 2011, The Value of Spatial Information for Tasmania.)

With these multiples of return on spatial data investment we believe it is vitally important that the spatial information acquired and delivered is of the highest quality and accuracy. The consequences of poor quality or unsuitable data failing to deliver these returns is much more serious than the cost of the service. Aerial imagery is a fundamental layer for GIS systems, providing checks on accuracy and content of other GIS vector and raster databases as well as being a rich information source in its own right.

Aerometrex has always positioned its products to be of the highest possible quality, versatility and suitability for a range of tasks, and offered at a reasonable cost, thereby offering best value for money services.


The value of spatial information for Tasmania