Aerial and Ground based Lidar and photogrammetry have been used individually and in combination to monitor coastal erosion. We have developed our oblique photogrammetry with multi-ray matching technique to a point where these methods can be replaced by a single dataset captured using Aero3dpro methodologies. With accurate survey control multiple epochs are exactly aligned and suitable for displacement analysis and volume calculations of material lost due to erosion.

A test site was chosen near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The area known as Nightcliff has been featured in the voyage of the Beagle and is the site on the Nightcliff market of Sundays. Thus the area is of historical and social importance. This area has had a lot of cliff loss due to erosion and a coastal management plan has been put in place to construct a sea-wall along the foreshore. Datasets captured in 2014 and 2016 clearly show these changes and provide quantitative displacements, which can be calculated using Hausdorff distance algorithms on the reconstructed meshes. A plot of the displacement can be seen in the image below.

Nightcliff Displacements

Nightcliff Coastal Erosion and displacements

An interactive model of this area can be viewed in the Cesium viewer below, it also includes Darwin background ortho imagery from MetroMap.