Aerometrex, a CASA-registered UAV operator, announces the implementation of a new AV imaging service with revolutionary performance.

Aerometrex is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new aerial imaging service based on new technology recently released by Microsoft. The system is offering performance far in excess of current UAV aerial imaging systems in the market with unparalleled efficiency and lowest cost per unit area.

The flight specifications of the system, code named Tomohawk, are as follows:

  • Capture speeds of over 300 km/hr
  • Endurance of over 4.5 hours
  • Sensor payload up to 100 kgs
  • Approved operational ceiling of 23,000’
  • Fully equipped avionics including ADSB, TCAS, 146-series GPS guidance
  • Pre-approved for image capture over all Australian cities
  • Can operate outside line-of-sight restrictions, and within 3.5nm of airports

In addition, Tomohawk offers an unrivaled imaging system:

  • Class-shattering 340 megapixel metric camera.
  • 120 km2 of high-quality stereo imagery captured per hour of flight time at 5cm GSD
  • Data capture system acquires 1.35 Gigabytes of high-resolution imagery per second with a total capacity of 8 Terabytes per mission
  • Imagery is provided in 4 bands: RGB and near infra-red
  • Highly sophisticated on-board navigation system based on INS and GPS/GNSS technology
  • Matched with a rigorous photogrammetric mapping system which produces highly accurate scaled 3D terrain models and scale-corrected aerial photo maps at a far lower cost per unit area than current UAV systems.
  • A variety of other sensors can be installed on the Tomohawk

This world-leading system is now available to all companies and Government agencies requesting state-of-the-art UAV imaging services.

Aerometrex Eagle Prime

First frame captured with Vexcel Eagle Prime


In fact the AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) system is a Cessna 421B built in 1973 and autonomously controlled in real time by a highly-skilled operator with formal aviation qualifications. Imagine a UAV so big you can get two people and a sensor of that size inside it. Now you’re getting the picture. You should hear it in flight. It makes a very satisfying drone. (Sorry).

And the camera is a state-of-the-art Ultracam Eagle Prime. First delivered in the world, in March 2016, to proud parents Vexcel Imaging GmbH and Aerometrex.

Happy 1st April.