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aero3Dpro coming soon

Using aerial and ground photogrammetry technics, aero3Dpro provides fully texturised, geographically accurate and high-resolution 3D models which include all natural and man-made objects present in a scene. aero3Dpro can provide the 3D models as a stand-alone product...

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Aerial Photogrammetry from UAVs

The general trend in all industries is automation, the aerial photogrammetry industry is no different. The advent of digital cameras and poweful computing platforms has automated the image processing workflows from the film camera days. The advent of electric powered...

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Planet Earth 3D animation

This short 3D animation of planet Earth has been generated using NASA Blue Marble with a particular focus on Australia. Hope you enjoy these few seconds of peace. Click here to open the video in...

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I Fly UltraCam

Microsoft Vexcel  UltraCam photogrammetric digital aerial mapping cameras are the source of the best high resolution imagery in the world. In this short video, we explain how AEROmetrex is taking advantage of UltraCam digital aerial sensors to provide quality aerial...

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