Aerial Ortho Imagery

Aerial Ortho Photography

Aerometrex uses Vexcel Imaging’s Ultracam large-format aerial mapping cameras as well as Visionmap’s A3 Edge very large-format digital camera. All provide reliable high quality imagery with efficiency and accuracy.  Our Ultracam large format digital aerial cameras are set up with the SOMAG3000 gyro-stabilised mount and IGI Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) to capture exceptional quality, near-vertical, 4-band imagery.

We also use the high-end photogrammetric software suite INPHO from Germany and Lightspeed from Visionmap for image data processing.

We also have an outstanding oblique imagery capability using the MIDAS-5 camera as well as a range of medium-format and DSLR camera systems.

The orthophoto is widely used in Geographic Information Systems. It is the most cost-effective product to obtain precise georeferenced information in a 2D environment. Production time for digital orthophotos has been greatly reduced by the adoption of a fully digital workflow. The increasing demand of higher resolution imagery requires solutions for faster distribution, smarter and innovative viewing capability as well as cost-effective data storage and management.

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Aerometrex provides an unrivalled range of Orthophoto products for a wide range of applications:

ORTHO PLUS - Premium orthomosaic product of high radiometric and geometric quality

This top of the range seamless ortho-mosaic product is generated using a precise stereo-edited digital terrain model in order to provide a very high geometric accuracy. Advanced colour balancing techniques and software ensure a radiometric seamless product. Three and/or four-band imagery in 8bits or 16bits can be produced.


  • Free of any geometric and radiometric artefacts
  • Extensive Quality Control
  • Absolute accuracy of 2 pixels RMSE
  • Enterprise solution to cover a wide variety of applications

ORTHO - Industry standard orthomosaic product

This is an industry standard ortho-mosaic product. This semi-automatic ortho-mosaic is produced with the same care as our Ortho Plus product with a little more automation and reduced Quality Control. Three and/or four-band imagery can be produced.


  • Industry standard
  • Fast processing of the data
  • Absolute accuracy of 3 pixels RMSE

FAST ORTHO - Fully automated orthomosaic product

Our Fast Ortho mosaic is a fully automated product. It is properly triangulated and ortho-rectified but we do not quote accuracy. Less time is spent on the quality control and an occasional misalignment may be evident in high resolution imagery as well as the occasional join line between frames. Very few blemishes will be evident in 50cm pixel imagery.

Fast Ortho products are generally supplied to the full extents of the photography flown which gives a “bonus” area to the client.

This is a full ortho rectified product with emphasis on automation. In some locations and circumstances it can approach the quality of an Orthoplus and Ortho product.


  • Data acquired in good flying conditions to minimize sun glare and shadows
  • Fast processing and delivery
  • Cost-effective solution for large areas

EMERGENCY ORTHO - For critical capture timing

Our Emergency Ortho mosaic is a fully automated product. Ideal for time-critical projects, the ortho-mosaic product can be delivered to the client in 1-3 days depending of the area covered. No accuracy is specified and depending on the capture conditions, smoke, haze and water glare can be present in the end-products

  • Very fast processing
  • Time-critical turnaround
  • Air crew experienced in disaster mapping

STEREO FRAMES - RAW frames for input into photogrammetric software

  • Suitable for input to photogrammetric packages
  • Can be supplied with or without triangulation
  • Can be supplied with processed airborne GPS/IMU
  • Georeferenced RAW color or black & white imagery can be provided on request
  • Very fast processing and delivery

TRUE ORTHO - Free of building distortions/lean

Building lean (radial distortion) can obscure the ground level features orthophotos. Our Nadir “True” Ortho product is free of distortions caused by buildings. This is useful where building lean obscures the ground. Nadir True Ortho products are ideal for mapping and transportation applications.


  • No Building distortions/lean
  • Good choice for CBD districts

Online aerial imagery delivery service

MetroMap is an online subscription aerial imagery service to provide historical and current imagery over Australian capital and regional cities.

Affordability, accuracy and capture flexibility is what makes MetroMap a great alternative option to other online aerial imagery services.


Multiple captures per year


Historical imagery


Quality & accurate imagery




Near-infrared imagery available on specific locations


Regional locations