We understand that the quality of information and timelines is critical to make your project a success. AEROmetrex has been providing full mapping products and services to the Australian community for over 34 years.

AEROmetrex supplies a very high standard of spatial data products using a Vexcel UltraCam-D and UltraCam-X Large-Format Digital Mapping Camera and our advanced photogrammetric capabilities.

On October 2012, AEROmetrex also launched aero3Dpro, an innovative 3D modelling service for urban and natural environments. This end-to-end system gives all users of mapping and CAD data unprecedented realistic images for modeling real-world environments and complete flexibility of viewpoint.

Our dedicated team of passionate digital mapping specialists and engineers are committed to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to fit your project requirement and deadline.

Aerial Ortho-Photography


Our digital orthophotos are produced with a professional photogrammetry suite. We have also developed our own algorithms for improving the production of seamless digital orthophotographs with hot spot removal and accurate radiometric colour balancing.

The orthophoto starts with a precise DTM and elements of absolute camera orientation in order to apply the pixel by pixel corrections and project them in a georeferenced orthographic plane. The orthophoto is a transformation from a central projection (camera) to an orthographic projection (map). They are also called “Image-Maps” since we can measure distance, area and position in a reference system.

The orthophoto is widely used in GIS, it is the most effective product to obtain precise georeferenced information in a 2D and 3D environment. In a fully digital workflow, the production of orthophotos is faster. The increasing demand of higher resolution imagery requires solutions for faster distribution, smarter and innovative viewing capability as well as cost-effective data storage and management.

AEROmetrex provide a range of Orthophotos products for a wide range of application:

ORTHO PLUS - Premium orthomosaic product of high radiometric and geometric quality

This top of the range seamless ortho-mosaic product is been generated using a precise stereo-edited digital terrain model in order to provide a high geometric accuracy. Advanced colour balancing techniques and software ensure a radiometric seamless product. Three and/or four-band imagery in 8bits or 16bits can be produced.

  • Free of any geometric and radiometric artifacts
  • Extensive Quality Control
  • Absolute accuracy of 2 pixels RMSE
  • Entreprise solution to cover a wide variety of applications


ORTHO - Industry standard orthomosaic product 

This is an industry standard ortho-mosaic product. This semi-automatic ortho-mosaic is being produced with the same care as our Ortho Plus product with a little more automation and reduced Quality Control. Three and/or four-band imagery can be produced.

  • Industry standard
  • Fast processing of the data
  • Absolute accuracy of 3 pixels RMSE


FAST ORTHO - Fully automated orthomosaic product

Our Fast Ortho mosaic is a fully automated product triangulated and ortho-rectified but we do not quote accuracy. Far less time is spent on the quality control and the occasional “wonky” bridge/building may be evident in 10cm GSD as well as the occasional join line between frames. Very few distortions will be evident in 50cm pixel imagery.

Fast Ortho products are generally supplied to the full extents of the photography taken which gives a “bonus” area to the client.

This is a full ortho rectified product with emphasis on automation, in many locations it is comparable to an Orthoplus and Ortho product

  • Data acquired in good condition to minimize sun glare and shadows
  • Fast processing and delivery
  • Cost-effective solution for large areas


EMERGENCY ORTHO - For critical capture timing

Our Emergency Ortho mosaic is a fully automated product. Ideal for time-critical projects, the ortho-mosaic product can be delivered to the client in as short a time as 1-3 days depending of the area covered. No accuracy is specified and depending on the capture conditions, smoke, haze and water glare can be present in the end-products

  • Very fast processing
  • Effective turnaround
  • Air crew experienced in disaster mapping


STEREO FRAMES - IRAW frames for input into photogrammetric software

Georeferenced RAW color or black & white imagery can be provided on request

  • Very fast processing and delivery
  • Suitable for input to photogrammetric packages
  • Can be supplied with or without triangulation
  • Can be supplied with processed GPS/IMU


TRUE ORTHO - Free of building distortions/lean

High buildings facades can obscure the ground in regular orthophotos. Our Nadir “True” Ortho product is free of distortions caused by buildings. This is useful where building lean can obscures the ground. Nadir True Ortho products are ideal for mapping and transportation application

  • No Building distortions/lean
  • Good choice for CBD districts


Digital Elevation Models


Probably one the most important part in the photogrammetric process is the creation of a Digital Terrain Model which is highly dependent on various factors that many people underestimate. A Digital Elevation Model is a generic term associated with a raster of elevation values.

A DEM can be edited to generate a Digital Terrain Model (representation of a bare-earth model that contains elevations of natural terrain features where vegetation, buildings and other non-ground objects have been digitally removed) as opposed to a Digital Surface Model (which contains elevations of natural terrain in addition to top of buildings, trees and any other objects).

We automatically generate digital terrain models interpolated from extremely dense 3D point clouds which are extracted from the imagery. Best accuracy is achieved by applying advanced algorithms for image matching and data filtering. The capture of break lines where appropriate is essential to obtain a perfect fit of a DTM with the real-world.

AEROmetrex provide a range of elevation products for a wide range of application:

DTM PLUS - Premium Digital Terrain Model of engineering accuracy

DTM Plus is our top of the range Digital Terrain Model. This product is a result from the interpolation of extremely dense 3D point clouds which are extracted from the imagery. It is fully stereo-edited and all breaklines are captured to obtain a perfect fit of the DTM with the real world. The absolute accuracy provided is suitable for engineering-type projects where accuracy is a critical factor.

Our Adelaide metro program includes DTM Plus product

  • Hydrologically corrected
  • Critically reviewed and edited in 3D stereo conditions
  • Absolute accuracy of approx. 1.5 pixels at 2σ (95% confidence interval)
  • Widest possible application of product


DTM - Stereo-edited Digital Terrain Model

Our regular Digital Terrain Model is a stereo-edited regular grid that represents the ‘bare-earth’ terrain free of buildings, vegetation and other non-ground objects.Major break-lines can be collected and supplied.

  • Industry standard
  • Fast processing of the data
  • Absolute accuracy of 2.5 pixels at 2σ (95% confidence interval)
  • Useful for environmental and planning applications


FAST DTM - Fully automated Digital Terrain Model

Our fast Digital Terrain Model is a fully automated product.As with all of the above processes, raw 3D data is generated from aerial imagery by advanced stereo-correlation and image-matching software.Advanced automatic filtering algorithms are then applied to remove 3D points that may lay on top of buildings, vegetation and other non-ground objects.

  • Define relief shapes
  • Very quick processing time
  • Cost-effective solution for large areas


DSM - Digital Surface Model

Our Digital Surface Models contain elevations of natural terrain in addition to top of buildings, trees and any other objects. This product is analogous to the LiDAR ‘first-return’ elevation model. It is suitable for line of sight analysis, building extraction and transmission line obstacle analysis. Aerometrex has generated large DSMs from some of its regular imagery coverages.

  • Very dense grip of points
  • Obstrucation mapping and visibility analysis
  • Nadir true ortho production input


3D Point Cloud - Dense point clouds equivalent (or denser) to LiDAR

AEROmetrex can provide very dense 3D photo point clouds equivalent or higher to that of airborne LiDAR which can be generated from standard resolutions of imagery.

For example, a 10cm GSD survey flown at 80% forward and 60% side overlap can be used to generate a 100 points per sq m photo point cloud. Advances in both computer hardware and utilising machine vision software enable this revolution in photgrammetric product.

  • LiDAR equivalent quality
  • Cost-effective solution


True 3D models

Through aero3Dpro, AEROmetrex provides its Australian and overseas client base, a range of sophisticated 3D modelling products and services based on advanced photogrammetric and visualisation techniques


aero3Dpro is an end-to-end service: the whole workflow from flight planning and image acquisition through 3D processing and geo-registration is all done in-house.

 The aero3Dpro system can accept images taken from all standpoints and use them to generate 3D models. These include aerial imagery from aircraft, helicopters and UAVs as well as street-level imagery. The geometry of every image is analysed and modelled to reconstruct the position of the camera, then used in reverse to re-construct the objects in the images in full 3D. Our models are geographically accurate and high-resolution.

Using our 3D GIS viewer, we are currently able to provide our clients with an innovative option to interact with 3D data. It is now possible to display and interact with incredible volume and complex 3D information in real-time.

The unprecedented complexity, detail and accuracy contained in aero3D models, combined with the possibility to interact and extract real 3D information in both natural and built environments, can provide a valuable resource for many industries.

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Atlass provides high accuracy LiDAR surveys throughout Eastern and Central Australia.



High accuracy LiDAR surveys. A cost effective method for acquiring topographic information over both small (>50Ha ) and large areas (>1000sqkm). This data can be rapidly processed within 3 working days after the survey flight


Atlass can further assist sites by efficiently calculating and reporting stockpile volumes. This service is suitable for end-of-month financial reports and auditing.


Specialized LiDAR survey suitable for the detection and monitoring of surface subsidence caused by underground mining. This service assists sites in meeting the requirements of the Mine Subsidence Board.


Digitizing of vector information from LiDAR and image data. This data provides the basis for mapping of rehabilitation areas, infrastructure mapping and may also assist in the preparation of statutory plans.

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  • Full waveform LiDAR
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Contours and volume calculations


  • Corridor surveys
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Subdivision design
  • Power line surveys
  • Flood plain mapping