Retirement of rob rusk

Date: 7 JUNE 2017 posted by Fabrice Marre 

On Wednesday 7th June we farewelled one of our longest-serving employees, Robert Rusk.

Rob retired after a 53-year working career including 50 years working in our spatial services industry, as a survey draftsman, cartographer, aerial photographer, marketing manager and account manager.

After a short stay at the Education Dept, Rob joined the Lands Dept in 1966 to become a survey draftsman. He worked in the Treasury Building in the city. He also worked in the Mapping Branch’s aircrew as a camera operator for 18 months in 1970-71, flying in the Department’s Douglas DC-3 aircraft, VH-DAS. He operated the Wild RC-7 camera which still used glass plates. The camera was levelled and drift corrections applied manually.

 In the early 1970s Rob was transferred to the cartographic section of the Mapping Branch at Netley where he undertook many road trips in remote South Australia, field checking 1:50,000 topographic maps.

 He also worked in numerous other areas of the Mapping Branch’s cartography programme, and had the unique distinction of producing a hand-modelled terrain map of the Southern Mt Lofty Ranges for the Atlas of South Australia.

The legacy of the old Mapping Branch lives on even today. Several of us worked in that Branch either full-time, part-time or on work experience, and the opportunities it offered for training and development have been a major contributor to the Aerometrex success story.

In January 1983 Robert was given the opportunity to further his education in the Netherlands, and he obtained a Dip. Cart. (1984) Int. Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC).

It was during that time in Europe he developed a strong interest in the history of cartography and old maps, which are indeed beautiful objects of art in their own right, but especially when it became known that they were worth a lot of money to collectors!

Rob returned his education to the next generation with 12 years as a part-time lecturer in Cartographic and Mapping Principles at Uni SA - many of Rob’s graduates have become colleagues or clients.

 Rob joined Aerometrex in Oct 2002.

I can speak for all of us at Aerometrex when we say that we have admired and appreciated Rob’s input since he joined the company. He has a deserved reputation for hard work, integrity, decency and honesty.

 Rob likes to remind us that he did the initial flight plan for our Metro Adelaide aerial photography coverage on a mosaic of 1:50k maps on his kitchen table. We have certainly come a long way since then and Rob has shown his ability to adapt to the new technologies. During that time he has seen these progressions:

  • Aerial photos on glass plates – to film – to terabytes of digital imagery
  • Ink – film scribing – DIGMAP – DCDB/DTDB – Cloud-based project data on demand
  • Hand calculations and log tables – calculators – computers – Windows10
  • Radio calls – fax – mobile phones – smart phones
  • The Big Red Book of projects - spreadsheets - cloud-based databases
  • Sports jackets and ties to jeans and T-shirts - how far we have come!

As well as all of those things, Rob is known by colleagues and clients alike as a thorough gentleman, who can see both sides of an argument and who has his customer’s interests at heart as much as his own.

Thanks Rob, for your great input into Aerometrex and for a career well conducted. We want to assure you of all of our best wishes and friendship in your retirement.


Rob Rusk installing a large format camera

Aerometrex in World-First Ultracam Purchase

Date: 31 MARCH 2016 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Aerometrex Pty Ltd is the first company in the world to take delivery of the Ultracam Eagle Prime aerial camera, produced by Vexcel Imaging GmbH of Graz, Austria.

Aerometrex signed the purchase contract in September 2015 and the camera has been delivered on 22nd March 2016.

The 340 megapixel camera has a format of 23,010 x 14,790 pixels in its panchromatic resolution. It has 4 separate band (R,G,B and nIR) lens assemblies in addition to the 4 panchromatic lens assemblies. Each composite frame produces 1.35GB of image data.

The camera has an interchangeable lens system, with 100mm and 210mm lens configurations available.

 It has a fully integrated design, carrying 8TB of disk storage, an advanced GPS/GNSS navigation system as well as an Inertial Measurement Unit in the camera head.

 The camera is very versatile in its range of applications, offering imagery suitable for urban or regional orthophotography, remote sensing for agriculture and forestry, engineering surveys for construction and infrastructure projects, digital terrain models and digital surface models for environmental, disaster management, insurance and line-of-sight applications for radio and wireless links.

Aerometrex Managing Director Mark Deuter says, “We have been a long-running Ultracam customer since 2005 and we were the first Australian company to introduce large-format digital aerial cameras to Australia. We have built a strong reputation on the performance of Ultracam cameras and the quality of Ultracam imagery, and we are delighted to be able to offer our clients in the Australian market the latest 3rd generation sensor from Ultracam. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in this technology. The rate of change in performance and the new applications being developed is truly unprecedented.”

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First frame captured with Eagle prime camera imaging system

Aerometrex has acquired aerial LiDAR specialists Atlass based in Rockhampton, Queensland

Date: 29 SEPTEMBER 2015 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Aerometrex, one of Australia’s leading geospatial companies, has acquired the businesses of aerial LiDAR specialists Atlass (Aust.) Pty Ltd and Atlass Aviation Pty Ltd, based in Rockhampton Queensland.

The businesses have been combined into a single entity, Atlass-Aerometrex Pty Ltd.

The acquisition extends the Aerometrex group’s aerial surveying capabilities and provides new business growth opportunities.

 Aerometrex Managing Director, Mark Deuter, says

 “We are particularly pleased to have acquired a quality service provider like Atlass. The business is well known for delivering high-quality LiDAR work in very short turnaround times. We have been very impressed with the organisational strength of the business and we would like to acknowledge the excellent work done by Matt McCauley in building this business up to a very professional standard. From an Aerometrex point of view the acquisition of Atlass enables us to provide an even wider range of services. We are looking forward to bringing our aerial imaging, photogrammetry and 3D modelling capabilities to Atlass clients as well as offering Atlass’ extensive LiDAR capabilities to our clients.”

Atlass will continue to trade from its Rockhampton base. The business has a strong client base in Queensland and New South Wales and is set to expand further.

Visit Atlass website


Atlass aicraft and sensor systems

Aero3Dpro 3D city model of the city of Philadelfia used as a planning tool for the pope's visit

Date: 22 SEPTEMBER 2015 posted by Fabrice Marre 

In preparation for the Pope’s visit in the City of Philadelphia on the 26-27 September and in conjunction with Bentley Systems, AEROmetrex has acquired, processed and delivered a high-resolution, geographically accurate and fully textured 3D model of part of the city of Philadelphia for its client ESM Productions, one of the event producers for the papal events.

Amongst many other tasks, ESM Productions has a critical role in the arrangements and coordination of more than 100 vendors to service more than a million visitors as well as producing the Festival of Families. The aero3Dpro Philadelphia model, along with Bentley Systems software suite, has aided in the planning for this citywide event by capturing crucial details such as street and sidewalk measurements, landscaping heights, and light post placements.


Click to play the video


Aero3dpro is a 3D modelling service from AEROmetrex, an Australian aerial survey and mapping company. After integration into interactive 3D environments, Aero3dpro city models are used as an accurate base datasets where additional 3D assets and new 3D design can be added and visualised in an interactive way. Accurate measurements, line of sight, shadow and viewshed analysis can be performed on the fly.

aero3dpro model of the City of Philadelphia




AEROmetrex adds a Microsoft Ultracam Eagle Prime to its survey and mapping camera suite

Date: 16 SEPTEMBER 2015 posted by Fabrice Marre 

AEROmetrex is in the process of acquiring Microsoft's UltraCam next generation aerial mapping camera, the UltraCam Eagle PRIME to increase its mapping capabilities in response to a growing demand for fast delivery, affordable and quality aerial mapping products. These new addition will complement our existing Ultracam large-format digital mapping cameras (D, X, Eagle), our Visionmap's A3 EDGE and MIDAS Five.

This annuncement has been made at the InterGEO conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

Technical Director David Byrne shaking hands with Microsoft Business Director Alexander Wiechert

As the geospatial industry is evolving rapidly, adaptation and innovation in term of data capture, processing, and delivery is a constant priority. The purchase of this latest camera system was an obvious decision to directly benefit the customers.

The UltraCamp Eagle Prime is the next iteration of the UltraCam Eagle with increased operational efficiencies through an enlarged PAN image footprint (more than 23,000 pixels across the flight strip), expanded storage capacity to 8TB, reduced weight and power consumption.

Four different focal lengths: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm. When coupled with the image footprint of the new UltraCam Eagle Prime, the 120mm lens makes the UltraCam an exceptionally efficient camera system for applications for which building lean extent is a key consideration.

Sydney CBD False colour composite(CIR) ortho-mosaic

With all cameras working at their full potential, AEROmetrex is able to offer to its existing and potential clients even more up-to-date and quality orthophotography (Metromap) and 3D models of natural and urban environments (aero3Dpro) in a very responsive and timely manner.

Click here to visit Microsoft Ultram Blog.



Date: 20 August 2015 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Davide Byrne has won the "Best Presenter" Award at Spatial Information Day 2015 for his "Smart Coastal Mapping" presentation.

The City Onkaparinga has 30km of coastline that is prone to coastal erosion. This project involved mapping the coastline to a very high accuracy, capturing 25,000 oblique photographs from a helicopter to which 125 ground control points were added.

The resulting accuracy of the model was 100mm in XY and Z. The 3D model produced will be used for assessing the state of the coastline and to be used for update modelling to detect change. The model is highly visual and gives the end user an instant assessment of the state of the coastline.

For more information about coastal erosion mapping, you can visit AEROmetre's Blog article here

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AEROmetrex adds an A3 Edge and a MIDAS five to its survey and mapping camera suite

Date: 11 DECEMBRE 2014 posted by Fabrice Marre 

AEROmetrex has acquired VisionMap’s next generation aerial mapping camera, the A3 Edge, as well as a Track’Air MIDAS five multi-camera system to increase its mapping capabilities in response to a growing demand for fast delivery, affordable and quality aerial mapping products. These two new additions will complement the existing Ultracam large-format digital mapping cameras.

As the geospatial industry is evolving rapidly, adaptation and innovation in term of data capture, processing, and delivery is a constant priority. The purchase of these additional camera systems was an obvious decision to directly benefit the customers.

The A3 Edge is another major evolutionary improvement of the well-known Visionmap A3 camera. With an extremely large footprint (78900x9600 pixels) and a wide field of view, acquisition times are dramatically reduced. The cutting-edge ground processing system enables the production of excellent photogrammetric accuracy for all frames and coupled with an efficient processing computer cluster, high-resolution orthoimagery is produced in a very short period of time.

The MIDAS five is a turn-key aerial multi-camera system for the acquisition of quality vertical and tilted imagery. The MIDAS is used to assist in the production of aero3Dpro 3D models in addition to AEROmetrex’s existing proprietary 3D acquisition systems. AEROmetrex’s MIDAS is also being used extensively by a major client all over Australia.



AEROmetrex along with Terrestrial Ecosystems and Mt Gibson Mining received a Highly Commended WA spatial excellence award 2014

Date: 25 SEPTEMBRE 2014 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Adelaide-based aerial mapping company AEROmetrex along with Terrestrial Ecosystems and Mt Gibson Mining have won the "Highly Commended" Western Australia Spatial Excellence award 2014 for for their recent work on identifying Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) mounds using high definition 3D interpreted aerial photography.


AEROmetrex won the "innovation and commercialisation" Asian-pacific spatial excellence award 2013

Date: 10 APRIL 2014 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Adelaide-based aerial mapping company AEROmetrex has won the "innovation and Commercialisation" Asian-Pacific Spatial Excellence award 2013 for its 3D modelling service aero3Dpro. The 2013 APSEA ceremony has been help at the Locate14 Conference in Canberra on the 8th April 2014.

aero3dpro is a 3D modelling service for the generation of photorealistic and geographically accurate 3D models of natural and urban environments. aero3dpro services provide valuable resources for industries such as  Urban planning & Property development, Engineering & Construction, Architecture & Cultural Heritage, Media & Entertainment, Defence & Security, Assets management, Solar, Insurance Telecommunication and Tourism.

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For more information about aero3dpro, please fill up our contact form.

AEROmetrex captures its 12th annual Metro Adelaide aerial photography coverage in record time using 260-Megapixel camera

Date: 15 JANUARY 2014 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Adelaide-based aerial mapping company AEROmetrex has flown its 12th annual capture of the Metro Adelaide area in a record 2 days (10 flying hours), utilizing a very-large-format 260-Megapixel Ultracam Eagle camera.

The camera was manufactured by Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft company, based in Austria. Each photograph from the Ultracam Eagle camera is almost a gigabyte in size. The camera is another major evolutionary improvement in state-of-the-art aerial mapping camera technology, offering a swath width of 2 kilometres at the resolution of 10cm pixels. The camera is mounted on a gyro-stabilised mount to provide near-vertical, perfectly aligned imagery in both natural colour and near infra-red simultaneously.

AEROmetrex’s Metro Adelaide Orthophotography programme is widely used by State and Local Governments as well as private sector firms engaged in engineering, urban design, telecommunications and real estate. In addition, the raw source imagery is used to generate a very wide range of other data products for Geographic Information Systems, including digital terrain models, slope and aspect maps and remote sensing studies.

 The aerial imagery coverage extends from Sellicks Beach in the south to beyond Gawler in the north, and from the coastline to the Hills Face Zone in the east. It comprises a total of 2,450km2 at a resolution 20x better than the best commercially available satellite imagery.

Adelaide Oval aerial photographs captured with Microsoft Ultracam Eagle on the 9th January 2014


Each photograph is precisely located to better than 5cm in XY&Z coordinates using airborne GPS and IMU, a technology also used in guided missiles. Photographs are also re-projected by computer algorithms to remove all scale distortions caused by terrain, tip or tilt of the camera, meaning they can be used as an accurate photo-based map. Finally the images are mosaicked together like a giant jigsaw puzzle using sophisticated computer software to make the final finished orthophoto mosaic.

Click to play the Ultracam Eagle video


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AEROmetrex is expAnding the coverage of its virtual 3D city models

Date: 02 DECEMBER 2013 posted by Fabrice Marre 

AEROmetrex generated photorealistic and geographically accurate 3D models of many Australian cities for the past year using our aero3Dpro 3D modelling service.

The latest datasets include Port-Hedland, Karratha and Melbourne CBD and we are currently in the process of generating 3D models for Alice-Springs and part of Darwin CBD.

Through aero3Dpro, AEROmetrex provides its Australian and overseas client base, a range of sophisticated 3D modelling products and services based on advanced photogrammetric and visualisation techniques. aero3Dpro is an end-to-end service: the whole workflow from flight planning and image acquisition through 3D processing and geo-registration is all done in-house

The unprecedented complexity, detail and accuracy contained in aero3D models, combined with the possibility to interact and extract real 3D information in both natural and built environments, can provide a valuable resource for many industries including Architecture and urban planning, cosntruction and engineering, defence and security, telecommunication, media and entertainment.

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AEROmetrex wins two SA Spatial Excellence Awards 2013

Date: 14 MAY 2013 posted by Fabrice Marre 

After a successfull day at Spatial Information Day 2013, AEROmetrex has been awarded the 2013 South Australian Spatial Excellence Award in the Innovation & Commercialisation category for aero3Dpro.

Launched in October 2012, this cutting-edge 3D mapping service based on aerial photogrammetry techniques has been developed to provide photorealistic and geometrically accurate 3D models of natural and urban environments. Since 2012, aero3dpro has been taking off and is being recognised by the geospatial industry as a very innovative and competitive mapping service.

 An Individual South Australia Spatial Excellence Award has also been awarded to AEROmetrex's Technical Director David Byrne for his outstanding achievement within the Australian geospatial community.


One millionth UltraCam Frame milestone achieved

Date: 03 MAY 2013 posted by Fabrice Marre 

On 27th March 2013 Aerometrex captured its 1,000,000th large-format Ultracam frame.

This is quite an accomplishment and speaks to the extent of history and experience that the company has with the UltraCam as well as in flying aerial digital missions.

On behalf of the entire AEROmetrex team, we would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our photogrammetry products and services.

Check out the press release on the Microsoft UltraCam Blog



AEROmetrex becomes a CASA fully certified UAV Operator

Date: 19 DECEMBER 2012 posted by Fabrice Marre 

Australian UAV Operators not certified by CASA engaged in commercial activities are operating illegally. Businesses may run the risk of voiding their insurance and the possibility of legal action by engaging uncertified UAV Operators.

The list of certified UAV operators is published on the CASA website: Certified UAV Operator list

 Due to a growing number of illegal UAV Operators present in the Australian market, an official list of certified UAV operators has been made publically available and any businesses engaging an UAV operator can now check if they are certified (or not).

AEROmetrex has been providing precision aerial surveys and mapping solutions to all sectors of the Australian mining industry since 1977. Using the RQ-84Z AreoHawk UAV system from Hawkeye UAV, we are now able to provide a unique monitoring service over sites as big as 10km² on a daily basis if required.

We are now in a unique position to provide very high frequency monitoring services for localised areas combined with state-of-the-art photogrammetry products.”

AEROmetrex is in discussion with major companies which will greatly benefit from these innovative services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mark Deuter on +61 (0)8 8362 9911 or info @ if you need further information regarding our UAV survey and mapping capabilities.  

Please aslo visit

UAV Mining

AreoHawk taking off


UAV Mining

Parachute landing after a successful operation