AEROmetrex has a great deal of experience in mapping and related activities within the fields of quality aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping.

We provide cutting-edge geospatial solutions exploiting both existing and emerging air and ground imaging technologies.

AEROmetrex is fully Australian owned and all work is performed in Australia. Since its foundation in 1977, AEROmetrex has significantly expanded its scope and scale of operations so that today it is one of Australia’s foremost companies in the field of geospatial data collection, management and distribution.


Our award winning company is very proud of its reputation within the photogrammetric industry. The production team includes a core group of spatial professionals who have been producing the highest quality photogrammetric products for the past ten years.

AEROmetrex is an active member of the Spatial Industries Business Association.

AEROmetrex is a sustaining partner of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and George Sioutis is now the SSSI Young Professionals Treasurer for South Australia.

AEROmetrex is fully certified UAV Operator. The Operator Certificate 1-UZCA9 has been issued by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on the 18th December 2012.




Managing Director

34 years total experience in Mapping Sciences, incuding:

21 years experience in photogrammetry and aerial photography

Served as Managing Director of Pitt Research Ltd and as Manager of the Data processing department for UTS Geophysics

Served as non-executive director on the board of Airborne Research Australia and Primary Resources Ltd

Bachelor of Science (Maths), University of Adelaide, 1990

Cartography Certificate, University of South Australia, 1980



Technical Director and Production Manager

Technical Director of AEROmetrex

11 years as Chief Photogrammetrist and Production Manager

18 years experience in Digital Photogrammetry

2 years as Digital Photogrammetric Engineer at Kevron, WA (Fugro)

4 years in Photogrammetry research/commercial work at UniSA

Bachelor of Surveying with Honours, University of South Australia



Director and Senior Photogrammetrist

9 years experience in digital photogrammetry, DEM, editing, orthophoto mosaic

2 years teaching experience in digital imagery and 3D modelling both locally and overseas

5 years (ongoing) in-house staff training

Project management / Team leader

Overseas team leader, quality control & training of overseas staff

Degree in Design, University of South Australia



Director of Air Operations

19 years total experience in aerial survey

7 years senior pilot conducting aerial survey

6 years aerial navigation / camera duties

Commercial pilots license 1990

Airline Transport license 1994

Camera experience RC10, RC20, RC30, UlraCamD, UltraCam X


Matthew White

Financial Director

4 Years as Company Accountant at AEROmetrex

18 months as Financial Controller at AEROmetrex

14.5 years as Managing Director of Business Initiatives, Accounting, Tax, Superannuation, Finance & Insurance

20 years experience as a Chartered Accountant with certificates of Merit in Taxation and Ethics (top 5% in Australia)

6 years experience as a registered mortgage broker 

Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy, accepted into Honours, University of South Australia



Senior Account Manager

18 years experience in GIS, mapping and aerial survey

6 years experience in mapping for exploration and mining

5 years experience in aerial survey project management

Associate Diploma in Cartography, University of South-Australia




Business Development Manager

45 years experience in mapping sciences including Marketing, Senior Manager in South Australian Government Departments involved in Spatial Data Management

12 years experience in part-time lecturing in cartographic and mapping principals, University of South Australia

Associate Diploma in Cartography, University of South Australia, 1975

Diploma in Cartography, International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the Netherlands




Account Manager

4.5 years Digital Photogrammetrist

Planning Committee member of Spatial Information Day and past treasurer for the Young Professional at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute SA.

South Australian Young Spatial Professional of the Year 2012 & 2016 (SSSI and SIBA)

 Master of Business Administration - UNISA

Bachelor of Geographical Information Systems, University of South Australia, 2006

Two years CAD and Surveying Assistant (Lester Franks / Steed and Pohl).

Senior First Aid Officer


Within the company’s scope of skills and competencies, AEROmetrex has dedicated operations that continue to supply quality digital aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping in the specific fields of:


We support the following applications:

These services are provided to a wide range of clients spanning from government agencies to the private sector as well as military. Our various markets and industries include: Water & Environment, Infrastructure & Transport, Urban Planning, Energy & Mining and all tiers of Governments. The group has consistently delivered quality services and products to large organisations in Australia and overseas.

The AEROmetrex office comprises 23 full-time staff members and has 8 additional casual / contract staff members that undertake field surveys, aerial photography logistics, flight planning, photogrammetric and data processing. AEROmetrex is fully Australian owned and all work is performed in Australia.